Facebook Rocks

Yes, it's another love story about Facebook…

Last weekend, The Rocket Scientist and I drove up and back from Utah. That's a lot of car time to fill. He does all of the driving and is less interested in talking than I am. And, let's face it, not even I can talk for 10 ½ hours straight which is what it took to get home.

I usually read and sleep. I finished my book on the way up but I forgot my pillow. It's not easy trying to sleep in the front seat of a Jeep Wrangler without a pillow so I was at a loose end.

OK, not exactly. I had my phone and it has Facebook Mobile on it. I spent most of the drive updating my status with where we were and what we were seeing. I'm sure there were some people who weren't happy about the constant additions to their news feeds but there were a BUNCH who were following and commenting on nearly every status.

It was so fun. I felt like we were in one big chat room and I kept TRS updated so he could feel like it, too. Crime Dog and TFMCD caravanned up with us and were also chiming in.

Not only was I entertained (and was entertaining, I think), I was excited about my friends interacting with each other. Friends that never met each other and have only me in common. It's just so cool to see the development of social networking relationships like that.

A "Wow" Facebook moment for me happened yesterday. One of my high school pals made a comment and one of my Parrot Head pals recognized her. Turns out, all three of us graduated from high school together. How my Parrot Head friend and I didn't figure that out in the 4 (maybe 5 now) years that we've known each other, I don't know. There were well over 600 in our class so maybe we just never crossed paths.

It's just so darn cool!

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