Weigh-In Results

T, Sugar Daddy and I completed our 3 month percentage weight loss bet today. We each put up $25 a month for the three months then $100 for overall.

I won the first month, Tyler won the next two. However, I won the overall so I'm up $200. Sweet! Of course, I don't have the $200 because Sugar Daddy didn't have the cash on him. He's good for it, though.

The funny thing is, the money didn't really motivate us nor did the competition. I only lost 8 pounds in the three months so it's not like I was really, really working at it. I think we've all just gotten to the point where it feels like too much work for the results.

So, no more bets.

I am still going to work on losing more; I just need to find a good motivator to get me to put in a full effort.

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