The Living Room

No, I'm not remodeling or painting. The Living Room is a restaurant/bar establishment here in the Valley with one location in Chandler and one in Phoenix.

We hit the Phoenix one today for lunch. It's on 7th St and not far from our office. I suspected it was my kind of place from the cool decor but I KNEW it was my kind of place when I saw that the menu had more booze than food pages.

It was good food, though! I had Italian Sausage Sliders that were very flavorful and the bread was delightfully fluffy without falling apart. One of my companions had a Chicken Sandwich and Butternut Soup. She said both were quite good and I feel compelled to order the soup next time. It looked yummy! Our other lunch mate had the Reuban with fries and liked those as well. We closed with a Pecan Torte with ice cream and a ginormous Chocolate Chip Cookie with ice cream.

Back to the decor. It was cool and inviting. Retro chairs, several couches and padded stools and a small bar that my friend said gets pretty packed at Happy Hour.

Speaking of Happy Hour, all wines are $5 a glass. I'm sensing a Happy Hour(s) of wine and cheese appearing in my near future.


tkenison9 said…
Let me know....I'd love to go there for a glass or ten!
Cheesehead said…
You got it. It would be a great on our way home from work stop.

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