Oh, The Horror!

George is getting tubby. Really tubby. I only buy her Weight Control cat food and don't give her any treats but she's still quite round. As a way to cut down on her eating, I'm letting her food bowl actually go empty before I refill it. I figure a few hours without munching would be good for her.

Before going to bed last night, I checked her dish and there were probably about 20 pieces of dry food left. I let it go with the full intention of refilling the dish this morning.

Apparently, she STARVED during the night because I was loudly scolded this morning on my way down the hall to her room. Not only that, but I had my ankles swatted at as I was walking. She was a bit angry with her Mommy.

Of course, after I filled the bowl to the brim, she ate about three pieces of food then went off to nap under the bed.

Man, the drama of this cat. It's just like having a teenager.


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