Ships and Dip 4 - Where's Shannon?

About a week or so before we headed out for our cruise, our friend Tkay sent us an email saying that her cousin Shannon was going to be on the same cruise and that we should hook up with her. It was an email to all of us that went something like, “Shannon meet my friends, friends meet Shannon.”

I was in the midst of going to Calgary for a business trip so I didn't do much more than look Shannon up on Facebook (and found we had some stuff in common) and ask her to give me scoop on Tkay's antics as a child. For the record, she had no scoop on that at all. Dang.

Mary, however, replied with their cabin number and Shannon did the same. I had no clue what our number was but I figured it would all work out somehow.

When we were in Miami, I asked Mary if she'd written down Shannon's cabin number somewhere so we could put in on the master list of everyone's that we were dispersing. She said she hadn't but it was still on the iPad so she'd look it up before we got on board. That didn't happen.

I also got a comment from Tkay's Mom, Sonora (isn't that the most beautiful name, btw?), asking what dinner time and table we were assigned to because she wanted to hook us up with Shannon and her hubby. There was no assigned time or table on this cruise but I assured her that Tkay had covered it so we were good to go.

Once we were on the ship, I posted a pic of me on FB by the pool on the non-lido deck. Tkay commented that Shannon had just posted a similar picture and that she was wearing a Triple Dipper shirt. It seemed like everyone was wearing a Dipper shirt but Norene and I worked the crowd and asked every woman in a Triple shirt if she was Shannon. No luck. One of them did ask Norene a few days later if we found her.

So, that was Sunday. The rest of the timeline is a blur but I know the following happened:

1. Shannon called and left a message on the Babes' room phone with their cabin number.
2. One of the Babes asked me to go put a note on Shannon's cabin door because it was on the same deck as my cabin. Like a dolt, I took a pencil with me to write the note but nothing to write on. Fortunately, some women were coming out of their cabin nearby and they game me the daily cruise flyer to use. I basically said we would be in our usual spot on the non-Lido deck.
3. We didn't hook up.
4. Blondie threw out the paper where she'd written Shannon's room number down and none of us could remember it.
5. Because the name of the guest show up on the phone when you call their cabin, I tried all of the versions of the cabin number we could think of. At one point, I called a relative of Ben Kweller. Oops. Good thing I was calling from the Babes' room so their name showed up on the phone.
6. I finally called the hospitality line and asked to be transferred to Shannon's room. Good thing I remembered her last name. For very wise security reasons, however, they don't show you the name or room number on a transfer. That's what stopped me from stalking Boothby Graffoe so it was a good thing. I left a long message that said that we would be in our spot and that Blondie and I were both wearing bright pink shirts. (Blondie and I were strangely totally in sync with our clothes without trying the whole week.) I got cut off before I could say more.
7. It was now Thursday and all I could think of is how disappointed Sonora was going to be that we never met Shannon. As we hung out on the deck, Mary came back from her cabin to say that Shannon had left another message and that she was wearing a black shirt, white shorts and had a tattoo on her arm. Literally, as Mary said it, Shannon walked by.
8. Yay! We found her! And chatted for about five minutes before dispersing. At least we got photographic evidence. Oh, and her phone showed that I left a message but it didn't play the message so our pinkness wouldn't have helped with location.

We finally found her!

Oh, and did I mention that Shannon lives here in the Valley? That's good because maybe we can meet up here and actually get to know each other now that the cruise connecting stress is over.


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