Ships and Dip 4 - The Music: Guster

It seems a bit odd to me that my last post about the Ships and Dip cruise would be about the band that I saw the most of during the cruise. I caught lots of Guster shows, played in the Flip Cup Tournament that they hosted and spent the day on the Costa Mayan beach next to a couple of the guys and their families.

But, there you have it. This is the end of the posts and, now nearly two months after the event, I'm still happily celebrating and remembering how fantastic it was.

For my pre-cruise music lesson, Blondie suggested I get the album Lost and Gone Forever. Great choice. I love every song on it. My favorites are Barrel of a Gun, and Either Way. After I got home, I bought Easy Wonderful (Deluxe Version). Another album full of great music! Probably my favorite song from that is Stay With Me Jesus which is, no doubt, incredibly surprising to those that know me because it's actually a sincere song and not a snarky anti-religious one.

My absolute favorite moment of the cruise was with Guster and Tyler from Barenaked Ladies. Oh, my, how to describe it!?!? The Guster guys were on stage when, all of a sudden, Tyler comes running out from back stage.

Bare ass naked!

At first, we all thought he was wearing a thong. After a few more "can't turn away train wreck moments", we realized he was not. Not only did he bound around the stage, he did it several times.

For his crowing moment, he ran up to Ryan Miller (lead singer) and kissed him. It was so frakking funny!

If you want to see a video, go to Guster's Road Journal and look under the Penis of Tyler entry. Don't worry, there's a safety covering of his penis. I think the funniest part of the video is his warm up jog before he went on stage but Ryan's comments afterward are pretty funny, too.

"That's the first time I've been kissed on the mouth by a naked man."


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