Bitters = Magic!

A tale from our Hermosa Beach weekend…(to the best of my recollection).

How do you know that Kathy is really inebriated? Look to see if she has the hiccups.

Man, they kill me. I get them fast and furiously. I tried the holding the breath thing, drinking water without breathing, sugar on a spoon…none of those works.

One technique requires a partner but it does work despite being strange but true. I have my friend stand behind me and she puts her index fingers in my ears and uses her thumbs to pinch my nose. No air escaping, there. Then, I constantly swallow water until I absolutely have to take a breath. It works but it looks goofy. Seriously goofy like the whole bar will be watching you before it's done.

I got the hiccups at our first night at The Mermaid. That's not too surprising considering our afternoon and evening of bar hopping. Dawnie called Kenny, our new favorite bartender over, and ordered some Bitters. He gave me the bottle and a few lime slices.

The technique is to pour a little bit of Bitters on the lime then suck all the fluid out of the lime. I don’t know why, but it works.

Like magic!

I was so impressed, I took a picture!

Which is apparently what I said, several times. "Bitters are magic!" Imagine drunken girl saying that over and over and that's what it was like.

Moving on to the next night, we ended up in The Mermaid again. After drinking Bloody Marys, beer and Sangria all day we somehow thought it was a good idea to switch to Champagne.

Hic. Hic. Hic.

Kenny brought out the Bitters again and, again, the hiccups were gone with just a few drops of Bitters on the lime.

Like Magic!

Which I said, over and over as if I had just discovered it for the first time. Sigh.

At least I'm consistent in my drunken state.

Did I mention that we started the day with Bloody Marys, beer and Sangria?

BTW, I checked Wikipedia's definition for Bitters. No mention of its magical properties at all.

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