Less of the Boob Tube, More of the Print

I spend a lot of time watching TV. Even with the DVR, it's many hours a week. However, I don't think it's a lot until this time of year. Most of my shows are on break so I'm only recording 4 or 5 hours a week. I can get through that in a Saturday morning.

My computer time is down, too. Usually, I'm multi-tasking by watching TV and playing online games or Facebooking. Now that I'm not glued to the tube, I'm finding the lure of the laptop has decreased.

It's so freeing!

I've had time to clean (OK, not a lot but still), listen to music and read. I will even have time to cook. And, I'm getting more sleep which is a good thing.

My reading had dropped down a lot but I'm getting oodles in now. I have a year's worth of Information Week and Arizona Highway's magazines stacked up that I'm now going through. Also, Dawnie's daughter was selling subscriptions for a school fundraiser so I started Time and Cooking Light.

My reserved library book list is pretty long, too. The nice thing about summer is that lots of new books come out. I'm on the waiting list for the latest tomes from many of my favorite authors.

Is the fact that I'm enjoying my TV break mean I'm going to cut back on shows come the fall? Can't imagine that it would. I really like the shows I watch and I've gotten ruthless about dropping the ones that just weren't doing it for me anymore. The writers' strike taught me that lesson.

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