If She Would Just Listen...

I made dinner for The Rocket Scientist last night. It was the least I could do since he spent most of the day installing my dishwasher and hooking up my ice maker.

Since we had "company", I cleared off the dining room table. The empty space alone was enough to attract George to it. Then, I put the plates and silverware on and those were even more of a kitty magnet.

I chased her off twice. The second time was pretty funny because she wanted to jump off on to the chair by my laptop was on there and she just didn't know how to get away. The third time, I snuck up on her and picked her up off the table. That got a pitiful mew out of her because she knew what was coming.

Yep, time out in her room.

She didn't cry as much this time as she did in her last time out. But, she didn't want us to forget she was in there, either. So, she kept her paw out under the door. Just a little reminder, "Hey, don't forget me in here!"


I let her out as soon as I had the table cleaned off. She couldn't wait to be free. I keep hoping she'll learn her lesson but I'm doubtful as well.

Before you think, "poor locked up kitty", I have to tell you she leads a good life. I cleaned up on Saturday and put all of her loose toys in her basket.

And this doesn't include the ones in the dead toy burial grounds.

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