Dionysis Speaks

As I pulled a bottle out of my cooler on Wednesday, I noticed that my white selections were now down to only Champagnes. Still good on reds but probably because I don't drink them as often.

Now, I would drink Champagne every day but it doesn't keep well and not even I want to drink a whole bottle of wine at each sitting. I could and have but, really, it's not the healthiest idea.

My first thought was, "I need a BevMo 5 cent sale!"

This morning, I opened up my email and, like bitters (my new word for magic), there was a message from BevMo! New 5 cent sale starts tomorrow!

I had collected my mail last night and tossed it on the dining room table without going through it. I glanced through it before leaving for work and there was a promo piece for the 5 cent sale that featured several of my favorites.

If that all isn't a message from the god of wine, I don't know what is. And, who am I to argue with a sign from a god?

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