Me No Likey IE8

In the ongoing (at least ongoing in the geek circles I run in) argument of Mac vs. PC and Apple vs. Microsoft, I am a staunch PC/MS proponent. Not only do I not think that Bill Gates is the devil, I actually greatly admire the guy. Steve Jobs, on the other hand, I think may be brilliant but a few cards short of a deck.

But, my experience with using Internet Explorer 8 is making me curse Microsoft on a daily basis.

First of all, they pushed it out with their security updates so I unwillingly got it. I know, lesson learned, I should control my updates but I trusted them.

Second, it doesn't play well with many of my usual sites. Gmail and Blogspot were hosed. I can sort of understand that since those are Google products and why would you worry about making things work with a competitor's products.

But, Facebook? Really? Come on, it's only the most popular social network site in the world. Wouldn't you want your new browser to actually work with it?

Oh, wait, you may be saying, it does work if you use "Compatibility View". OK, I'm not a coder but I suspect that's just a way to switch to the IE7 code. Which begs the question, why have IE8 if you have switch back for your sites to work?

I'm training myself to use Firefox at home. A browser is a hard habit to break though. If that doesn't do what I need, then it's on to Chrome. I guess I will be all Google, all the time at that point.

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