Guess We're On The Right Track

We recently converted everyone from Groupwise email to Google Apps here at work. It was a big project and an even bigger change for the users. The systems are very different and we did a LOT of training.

Once the dust settled from the conversion, I started sending out a weekly Google Tip. I (mostly I) pick the topics and I'm trying to go with the more relevant stuff first. I also add some of my personal humor to them with the hope of making them more interesting. They only go out one a week because folks are more likely to read just a short item then plow through a long list.

The feedback has been positive with the exception of Sugar Daddy who said he's going to consider my messages Spam. I guess when you've been using gmail for years, you don't think you need any more tips.

I follow Google on Twitter and yesterday they tweeted a link for gmail tips on a handy laminated page. You could also print it out. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we covered a lot of the more basic tips in training and I've either already sent tips or had them on my list for some of the more advanced items.
It was some nice validation that we're sending out the right stuff.

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