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Extreme Measures (Mitch Rapp, Book 9) Extreme Measures by Vince Flynn

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I quite enjoy Flynn's books featuring Mitch Rapp. He's the literary equivalent to Jack Bauer - he does the dirty work that no one wants to acknowledge but it's to protect us all.

While Rapp is a prominent character in this book, the focus is on Mike Nash. Nash also does secret stuff for the CIA but he's trying to balance his job with raising a young family. His wife doesn't quite know or understand what he does which makes it even more challenging. I liked the human aspect of the story a lot.

Nash and Rapp are on the hunt for an Al-Qaida cell that's about to launch a terrorist attack on US soil. They get a great lead but are stopped from pursuing it when a Senator decides to put the CIA on trial, so to speak, for "enhanced" interrogations.

Flynn makes many points about political correctness, government policies and politicians all standing in the way of the front line people who are trying to keep the rest of the citizens safe. My political views aside, I love these books for their action and suspense. So much so that I read this in one sitting last night.

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