I Guess I'm Above Average

I was browsing the net for professional networking tips for our manager's group at work. There's a ton of stuff out there, BTW.

One article I read said that the average person knows 250 people. Really?

I'm thinking the average person must live in a cave if that's a fact.

Granted, I am a very social person but, for example, I have over 300 Facebook friends and I actually have met them all. And, I know lots of people who aren't on Facebook between work, parrot heads, book club and people I've met through friends.

Maybe it depends on the definition of "know". We have 400ish employees at my company and I think I know about half of them by name. Does that count as knowing them? Or, do you have to have a personal relationship of some sort? Beyond the "how was your weekend and are you guys busy today?" stuff.

I don't know, maybe I'm just way more social than the average and that number is right.

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