Ships and Dip 4 - All right Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up,

By Thursday on the cruise, I was beered out. I know, that's probably hard to fathom but it's true. I switched to wine and August, our favorite server, talked me into buying a full bottle. It was cheaper than by the glass and I think he knew I would have no problem polishing it off. It was served in a bucket of ice which was nice because it kept it cold but meant that I was carrying around a bucket for the afternoon.

I was carrying said bucket on my way to the Songwriters in the Round event when I got on the elevator with two guys from Sixthman. They are the wonderful people who coordinated the entire cruise. I'd seen the two before because they'd been running all over the ship taking pictures and recording videos.

As we rode down to the Stardust Lounge, we joked about them drinking out of the bottle and I asked them if they were having a good time. They said they were and asked me the same question. I said I absolutely was. They asked if I would mind saying that on camera.

Hmm, let me think for a nanosecond. You want to record me, um, yes, sure!

We got off the elevator and one guy held the bucket for me while the other interviewed and recorded me. I told them my name and where I was fun and what my favorite part of the cruise so far had been and I rambled on with no hesitation.

When we were done, one of them said, "Wow, you're really good at that." The other said something like "You were so good I'll even give you the bucket back."

Yeah, I know. It's kinda my thing. Camera, microphone to speak into. Nearly nirvana. If only I'd had a spotlight, I would have been completely brilliant!


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