Ships and Dip 4 - The Music: Mike Evin

Mike Evin is yet another artist I wasn't familiar with before the cruise. He's a very fine piano player and they had him set up in the open Atrium area. It just worked out that we had some down time on two different days while he was playing so we caught parts of his shows.

Mike Evin

After only two shows, I already had a liking for several of his songs. I've since purchased the albums, Good Watermelon and I'll Bring the Stereo. The first title song is fun and I also really like We Should Dance, Stay Gritty, Stripper in My Car and If You Were My Girl. Evin has a nice blend of fun, poppy songs and sentimental ones. They all sound great. The piano work is very crisp and clear.

Andy Creeggan

Evin was joined both times I saw him by Andy Creeggan (former BNLer). Andy added some great accordion and percussion work and appeared to be having the time of his life.

What is that box?

I was completely intrigued by the box that Andy was beating on. It looked like a speaker but with a plastic front. After they were done, I asked him about it and he graciously explained it to me and showed it to me in detail. It's hollowed out and they had a mic in the back of it. Where he hit the front determined the note. While he was playing, I heard tambourine and thought maybe it was built in. No, he's just good enough that he was hitting one with his foot.

Very pleasant and fun music. Evin was good with the crowd, too.


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