Ships and Dip 4

My friends have talked about Ships and Dip for years. It's a cruise hosted by the band Barenaked Ladies. The entire ship is chartered just for that group. In addition to BNL, there are many other bands and musicians who perform and mingle with the attendees.

This year, it was the fourth cruise and it just worked out that I had the time and money and a traveling companion in the form of my friend Norene. She just retired so we both thought, what the hell, sounds like fun and signed up.

It was fun!

The cruise in itself would have been a blast. We took the Norwegian Dawn out of Port of Miami and made two stops. The first in Costa Maya which was just beautiful. The second in Cozumel which we've been to several times but still enjoy. Bonus, they have a Margaritaville there. Who can pass up a chance to give Buffett more money? (Cuz he needs it, you know.)

However add into your basic party cruise an entertainment lineup like this:

Barenaked Ladies
Great Big Sea
Jukebox The Ghost
Ben Kweller
Boothby Graffoe
Jenn Grant
Jason Plumb
Brothers Creeggan
Mike Evin
Shuffle Demons
Thin Buckle
Elliott Brood

OK, for those who don't know anyone past Barenaked Ladies, have no fear. I will post my impressions of the acts that I saw the most in future blog entries. I hadn't heard most of the acts before the cruise but I was very impressed by the caliber of the musicians and by how accessible they were to their fans. Many of them brought their families on the cruise and it was really neat to see them with their kids just hanging out like the rest of us.

I hope there's a Ships and Dip 5. I think I'm hooked!


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