I got to watch the Super Bowl on board of the Norwegian Dawn as we headed out of Port of Miami to Costa Maya, Mexico. My whole traveling group was rooting for the Packers which made it even more awesome. Yay, we won! (I know, old news but I'm just catching up on my blogging.)

I wasn't really nervous once the game started. Even when the Steelers got the ball back with a chance to tie with a field goal and go ahead with the extra point.

To add to the victory, I had really good numbers in our work Squares. Although I left the list in my cabin, I was sure I had to have hit one quarter. I got back to work today to collect $50! The guy running the game told me not to spend it in one place.

I didn't as I promptly lost it out of my pocket in the restroom. Sigh.

Fortunately, we have an honest group and someone turned it in to the receptionist. That Grant went right into my wallet after that.


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