Airport Bar Etiquette Violation

Two factors have contributed to me spending a lot of time in airport bars over the past year. A lot of work travel in addition to my Buffett related travel and my compulsion to get to the airport early. It leaves a lot of time to kill so I figure, what the hell, I'll have a beer.

Oh, and weather delays. I've run up a lot of bar tabs thanks to storms.

Since I'm often traveling alone, I just go for a seat at the bar. You can watch the news scroll across the TV, maybe catch a game, chat with the bartenders and sometimes even chat with your fellow travelers.

On my last trip, I noticed a dude doing something I considered quite rude. There were two seats open at the bar and they were next to each other. The entire place was actually packed as well. This dude sat in one chair then put his bag and jacket on the other chair and scooted it close to his chair.

Gee, guy, do you think someone else wanted to actually sit in a seat at the bar? I guess your stuff was much more important than the comfort of your fellow travelers. What did you have in your carry on that was so valuable, anyway? The nuclear football?


Anonymous said…
Being one that spends a LOT of time at the Sports Page Bar at John Wayne Airport I would have asked him if anyone (as in a PERSON) was sitting there and would have made him move his stuff...
Cheesehead said…
Surprisingly, I'm not that bold.

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