Movie Review - Thor

I had rather low expectations for Thor going in to the movie. The previews were not inspiring at all and it looked, well, pretty lame to be honest. And, Thor was just not one of the comics I followed so I pretty much just knew him as one of the Avengers.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I mostly enjoyed it. I love comic book movies and there was plenty of bam-zip-pow action in the film. Asgard was so beautifully done that I forgave the Earth set that looked like the old fake ghost towns with just one wall facing the street. Perhaps that was an intentional look to make the differences between the two worlds even greater.

Tom Hiddleston was great as Loki. I had never heard of him but he gave the character some nice layers. Chris Hemsworth was incredibly hot but played only two notes: angry and amused arrogance and contrition. OK, I guess that’s three notes. I thought Natalie Portman’s character’s quick love for him rather forced. I also thought that Thor’s sidekicks (I can’t even remember their names) deserved a little more background.

Overall, I’m glad I saw it. One of my friends thought it was two hours of his life that he won’t get back but I don’t think it deserved that harsh of a critique. It was just a typical summer escapist fun movie.


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