Maybe The E Stands For Something Else

The last time I took a short Myers-Briggs test, I scored as ENTJ - Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging. Perhaps surprising is that I scored 100% as an E but only because no one should score 100%, right?

I think that was due to the abbreviated test but I am very Extraverted. In this test, that doesn't necessarily mean a person is outgoing and likes to talk to strangers (though I am and do), it means that that person's energy is gained form being around people.

The Rocket Scientist and I score exactly the same except he's an I - Intraverted instead of the E. He actually finds it exhausting being around a lot of people and has to recharge his batteries with some alone time. I won't even take a nap at events because I might miss something, he willingly goes back to the room and reads his angry blogs. Go figure, I don't get it.

So, my calendar is usually chock full of gatherings and I keep adding more even though I may say I need some down time. I already wore out one boyfriend who tried to keep up with me and I daresay I will wear down future ones as well because I have something going on several nights a week and the weekends, well, let's just say you need to book me a few weeks in advance. And, I like it that way. I can't actually say no to an invite if I'm free. Again, it might be due to the "I can't miss something" mentality but it's how I roll.

So, I looked at this three day weekend and saw that I had only one event on the calendar and I was...relieved.

That thought goes against my very fiber but, damn, I'm just tired. Between traveling for work and play and club duties/events and social events, I'm just beat. I want to sleep in, read for a while, take a nap with George, read some more then maybe hit the shower before dinner. Followed up by going to bed early.

I think I could happily do that for days on end.

Before TRS can chime in and mention this, I did suggest we go to dinner tonight. But, dinner with him is almost energy neutral at this point in our friendship and it was nice to hang out, drink wine and not have to cook. OK, I did talk to other people but most of them weren't strangers. And, there weren't a lot of other people.

Hopefully, after this weekend, the E will go back to Extraverted and not Exhausted.


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