There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch Or A Free TV

My Dad, Shorty, loves to buy TVs. Seriously, based on the frequency of his purchases, it has to be his favorite activity. Each one is bigger and better, of course. I think the smallest one in their house now is 46”. Actually, it may be even bigger than that.

So, who was I to deny him the pleasure of buying me a new 46” LED TV? I mean, it would be cruel to tell him no, right? Even though my 32” High-Def that he bought me a while back was still more than adequate, I happily accepted his offer.

Man, this thing is frakking huge! It takes up most of my entertainment center and dominates my rather small living room. The picture is fantastic and that makes it worth it.

There was only one problem. My DVD player and the new TV didn’t play well together. Even after The Rocket Scientist hooked it up with new cables, the picture from my older DVDs was jacked. Lord Of The Rings looks pretty goofy with a permanent green tint.

I decided it was time to get a bit more current with my technology so I went looking for a Blu-Ray player. Steven tried to push me into getting a PS3 but those are $299. I found a decent Blu-Ray with WiFi for $149. Much more in line with my budget.

Steven came over to hook it up for me and, since I’m trying to get current, talked me into signing up for Netflix. Just what I need, another thing to entice me into watching TV. I didn’t sign up for the disc delivery service but I will since Steven told me a lot of the TV shows I want to catch up on aren’t available for immediate streaming. He loves his Netflix!

So, new TV = new Blu-Ray, another HDMI cable and a monthly Netflix charge. (Oh, and I made the mistake of walking by the CDs and bought four greatest hits CDs that were on sale for $9.99 each.) My free TV turned out to be not so free after all.

It’s still frakking awesome, though!


Papa de sucre said…
Oh, Totally check out The IT Crowd on Netflix streaming!
julie said…
Steven is correct the immediate streaming does not have anything you will want to see. You will have to wait a while till it is on. Netflix is worth signing up for 1 DVD at a time. We just upgraded to the blue ray because we have a player now. turn around is really fast.
Cheesehead said…
Papa de sucre just cracks me up! I will check that out.

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