The Case Of The Missing Koozies

Someone has a koozie vendetta against me. Not just any koozie but Bob Karwin koozies.

Why do I believe this?

Because they keep disappearing on me! I just lost another one yesterday. Fortunately, I still have the one he autographed for me but probably only because I don’t take it out of the house.

Now, logically since those are the koozies I carry with me at all times, one might think of course those are the ones I lose. Koozies + beer = forgetful Kathy. However, I contend that I don’t lose them but they are being stolen.

Take yesterday as an example. We were at some friends’ for a little Memorial Day party and they have an outside palapa bar. A very nice one, BTW. Tuck and I each started with a beer then switched to Moscow Mules. I put my Karwin Koozie down on the end of the bar while we were making our Mules. When I switched back to beer and went to get me koozie, it was gone.

Sure it can make it to and from Cozumel, but not Scottsdale.

Totally gone, too. I asked around. A couple of us searched through the bar. It was nowhere to be found. It’s bright pink so not likely someone would mistake it for their own.

I suspect (as I did the last time one went missing) that someone is just jealous that Bob has given them to me and absconded with it. I hope they can sleep at night.

Or, I tucked it away somewhere and will find it a month from now. :-)


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