Why Wasn't I Already Watching Archer?

Netflix is going to make me the biggest couch potato ever!

I spent the past two nights going through the first season of FX’s show Archer. I’d heard it was funny but had no idea just how much. Oh my. The things you can get away with saying and doing when it’s a cartoon.

Archer is a master spy (think of a moronic James Bond) with Mommy issues. Sample tweet: @codenameduchess Sterling Archer
This might be a stupid question, but do they have to kill cows to get the cheese out? What about goats and sheeps? (Sorry, two questions.)

His Mommy (wonderfully voiced by Jessica Walter) is, Malory Archer, the hard drinking, promiscuous head of the spy agency, ISIS. The rest of the characters include a super girl spy, the HR Director, the Controller and an Administrative Assistant. They are just as entertaining and well developed as Archer and Malory.

If you like raunchy, politically incorrect, outrageous laugh out loud humor, watch this show. I have Season 2 on my DVD queue already.


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