Best Laid Plans

It wasn't a bad first week back to work after vacation but it was a tiring one. I looked forward to doing nothing more on Friday night then going to the grocery store then sitting in front of my TV and clearing shows off the DVR. I didn't even care about dinner but I was two glasses of wine in when I got a text message.

Here's the thread happened over about 30 minutes:

Thom: Wanna meet us at the Elks?
Me: Nope. Wined up.
Thom: Oh. We'll come get you.
Me: Lol. I think I'm good.
Thom: See you in 15.
Thom: You better be ready.
Me: Lol again.
Thom: You think I'm kidding.
Me: I'm just going with the flow. It's a tad crazy to pick me up.
Thom: Clearly you don't know your friends
Thom: Are you dressed and ready?
Me: I just poured another glass of wine
Thom: Pour three more
Me: Three?
Thom: Unruly Zin?
Thom: Cheryl (I knew he was with Crash, didn't realize who the third was)
Me: I have some unruly

Front door: knock, knock, knock.

Me: Welcome to my filthy home.
My Kidnappers.
Or, bad influences, depending on how you look at it.

So I poured them all glasses of wine and thought about how to get out of it but there was no option short of chaining myself to something immoveable.

It was off to the Elks! Keep in mind that the Lodge is 21.5 miles from my house because that's one part of what was crazy.

We descended upon the Elks and met up with the usual suspects. I ended up on the patio with the Exalted Ruler's wife for quite a while then we all gathered back inside.

Where shots were consumed.

And, I somehow committed to going back again on Saturday night.

They closed the bar down really late then it was decided that we were moving the party to Crash's house. So, Crash, Cheryl, Thom, Joe and I jumped into Crash's new ride and went to her place. I think this was about 1 AM. I'm not 100% sure.

We sat down around the dining room table and cracked open some more beers. I only pretended to drink mine because I was done but I didn't want anyone to notice and call me out on it. Peer pressure is a bitch.

I don't know how it came up but Joe made the outrageous pronouncement that he could beat anyone in Trivial Pursuit. How could I let that stand? Crash pulled out her game and I think I was the only one able to read the cards. I don't even know that we made it around the table twice before calling it a night.

That was somewhere close to 4 AM.

Crash's cleaning ladies were coming at 8 so Thom and I got up like good little bunnies so Crash could drive us home. Me to Tempe, him to El Mirage. That's like one end of the Valley to the other. Another crazy part to the story.

I walked into my front door and said to George, "Come on, let's go to bed." The only pause was putting on my jammies and I woke up at noon. Just in time to get ready for a club BOD meeting and Happy Hour. And, after that, another trip to the Elks until 1 AM.

So, I didn't get to watch my shows. I didn't get to clean the house on Saturday morning as planned and I was lucky to make it to all of my commitments.

I need the work week just to catch up from my weekend.


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