Toga Pub Crawl

Of course, you must have a Toga party when you're in Belize. I mean, doesn't everyone do that?

Jim, our Fearless Leader, decided the best way to celebrate Saturday, our first full day on Ambergris Caye, was to dress in togas then do a pub crawl down the beach. We were all in, of course.

There was a contest for best toga and we were told to incorporate bananas into our outfits to represent our hotel, Banana Beach Resort. You can't tell the Arizona Parrot Head Club people there's a contest without them determined to win it!

OK, the AZPHC people probably would have had a boring showing except that Crash's friend, Susan, decided to join us on the trip and is an extremely talented seamstress. She made us each togas and they were spectacular. The Queen also whipped up some head gear for us. We won, of course.

Even Phred Had A Toga
The rest of the group did a great job with their togas, too.

That's a Fine Looking Group of Toga Wearers, Right There
These Girls Were All Over Our Tiaras -
We Gave Them to Them and They Were Wearing Them The Next Day!
We headed down the beach and made several stops along the way. What could be a leisurely 30 minute stroll took six hours. Trying to keep our group together was a challenge but we ultimately made to to Fido's, our final destination for the night.

The Goat - We Have To Love Him Because He's Ours
After meeting and greeting a lot of other friends at Fido's, our little group grabbed a taxi van to go back to the hotel. Being us, we made the cab driver stop at the liquor store so Goat could go in and buy us some more Belikin Beer. As we were waiting, I had a sudden thought, "Frak, Tammy, do you have Phred!?!?!"

Um, no.

Phred on Stage with Mark and Kelly

Phred was still back at Fido's where he was being a stage ho while Mark Mulligan and Kelly McGuire played. There was nothing to do but stow the new beer then head back to town so Goat could run in and pick up Phred. OMG, we almost lost him on the second day of the trip! He really needs to make sure he sticks with us better.

Thus started the trend of the week - cab drivers telling stories about the "crazy" people not knowing that they were talking to the people in our group. And, sometimes, the same people they were telling the stories about.

The Phred story became, "I had to go back to the bar because this group left their teddy bear there".

Oh, and the manager of the hotel bar said to Jim the next day, "I drove by and saw Jesus at the liquor store."

I wasn't kidding when I said they'll remember us.


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