Good Time

This is a corporate video that was premiered at our annual Company Breakfast Meeting this morning. What a hoot for us. Everyone had a great time filming and watching. It's cute to watch if you don't know the people but really funny when you do because some of the unlikeliest folks turned out to be the biggest hams.

Our Senior Management team is featured at the beginning and there are employees from the US, Canada, Japan and Denmark. My department is the group juggling and throwing foam apples.

I.T. has become known for those apples. One of our employees bought about 50 of them from a store that sold teaching supplies and they're lined up on our cube walls. If someone walks in to the area and asks, "What's with the apples?", it's a cue for everyone to start pelting the questioner. There have been several battles and a lot of apple hoarding for said battles.

I don't participate too much because I'm always worried we're going to poke someone's eye out or knock over a monitor or do some damage. I usually end up walking through the fight, covering my head and yelling "Switzerland coming through!".

Always a good time, indeed.


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