Taxi Cab Confessions

My dear friend, Crash, is quite the social butterfly. Every time we were in a cab in Belize, she had to ask the driver for his name then exchange full histories while riding. Even if she doesn't remember it the next day.

What's your name?
The cabs on Ambergris Caye were mini-vans which was very convenient as our sub-group fit nearly perfectly in them. On one of our trips, Crash called shotgun. This is how the conversation mostly went:

Crash: Hey, what's your name?
Driver: No Ingles.
Crash: What?
Me: He doesn't speak English.
Crash to driver: Where are you from?
Me: He doesn't speak English. You have to say "De donde es, usted?"
Driver: Soy de Guatemala.
Crash: Blah, blah blah. Question, question, question.

And, she said it all in English but with a really bad Spanish accent. As if that would suddenly make the poor man understand her. I'm not even sure he responded to her at all as I was shaking my head at an example of "Ugly American" and "Crazy Gringo".

We took a different cab home that night and were one person too many for the mini-van seats. So, instead of sitting on someone's lap, Crash chose to lie on the floor next to the door. Well, actually, she started out sitting then fell back.

Because everyone would choose to ride like this, right?
Being on the floor didn't stop her from talking to the driver, though.

Crash: What's your name?
Driver: Pedro.
Crash: Pedro, we need to stop at the liquor store. (We were planning on hosting a happy hour in our room the next night).

Pedro pulled up to the liquor store and Crash went in to buy beer and try to find a newspaper for Goat. After she gave the clerk the order, she turned to a guy standing in the doorway.

Crash: How are you doing tonight?
Guy: Good...
Crash: What's your name?
Guy: Pedro.
Crash: What a coincidence! Our cab driver's name is Pedro!
Pedro: I am your cab driver.


These are my people. And, need I still mention that they're never going to forget us?

PS Conversation lines are not 100% accurate as there was alcohol involved. But, the gist is 100% accurate.


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