The Photo NOT Taken

Our friend and Trop Rock musician, Kelly McGuire, plays down in Belize every year for his birthday. We missed his actual birthday party but we were able to catch him playing at FIDO's twice while we were there.

The first night as also our toga night so it was pretty chaotic with the comings and goings. The second night was his last night playing for that trip and we were able to have a more relaxed time at the show.

Because I'm me, I have to be noticed. As Kelly was thanking people for coming to see him from Omaha, Chicago, etc., he left out Phoenix. I hollered at the stage, "And Phoenix!" He said, "I knew you would remind me."

A little later he said, "I'm trying to think what to play next." and I responded with, "Idonwannabe!" He said, "That's just what I was thinking." To which I replied, "That's because you and I are like this."

Idonwannabe is my favorite Kelly song (and he has a lot of great songs to choose from). As soon as he started singing, I was up and out of my chair at the table and pulled another chair on the dance floor, right in front of the stage. Crash, Tammy and Susan followed me and we were all lined up and singing along.

When I got back to the table, I asked Jim if he'd gotten a picture. He looked at me blankly and said, "No, Goat and I were talking and I didn't think about it."

OK, a little background here. Jim spent the entire week finding every wifi hotspot on Ambergris Caye so he could upload pictures to Facebook. The one time I really wanted him to take a picture and he blew it. I even left my camera on the table in front of Goat and him!

So, needless to say, I was a little disappointed with my bestie. The people at the table next to us said, "We got a picture and we'll send it to you." Nice folks from Chicago. Though, I still don't have the picture from them.

I continued to express my feelings (because I'm like that) and Kelly finished his set and the house band, Tull, Casper & Dale came on stage.

And started playing Idonwannabe.

OK, a little better than the missed picture would have been

I was back up in the chair in front of the stage when I felt a hand slap my shoulder and a voice said, "Move over!" I actually thought it was Susan but when I turned to look, it was Kelly. We all lined up again for the song and, this time, neither the proverbial Hell nor High Water would have stopped Jim from getting the picture.

Later, he tried to spin the story that he and Kelly set it up so we would get an EVEN BETTER picture than the one he missed.

Yeah, right.

You can listen to Kelly's song here and see some beautiful pictures, too.


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