What's On Your Phone?

We had a corporate project celebration lunch on Friday and I was seated across from our CEO and next to our VP of Sales/Marketing. There were a couple of other Directors in attendance as well.

Somehow, the topic of a Tempe landmark, Minder Binders, came up. It was a go-to bar for the college crowd but it's been closed down for years. I drive by it every day and noticed a few weeks ago that there's some construction (or demolition) going on. I was able to snap a pic on my phone as I was stopped by the light so I showed it to the VP and CEO.

Ah, Minder Binders. How much fun we had!
As you can see, it's a pretty distinct looking building. Even the VP who didn't grow up here remembered seeing it.

He then said, "You know, who else but Kathy would have pictures of bars on her phone?"

Here's the thing. He's Mormon and, just as I would be fascinated with the "alien" life style of say, Trappist Monks, he's fascinated by my Parrot Head life style. So, it was pretty funny.

I scrolled through my pictures and told him he would see a lot of pictures like this:

Poor George
The next picture in the roll was this:

It's a tradition!
That made me have to explain our traditional Bloody Mary for breakfast before flying rule.

Super Bowl Sunday
When I got to the picture of our empty beer bottles at the Elks, I gave up. (After defending myself that they weren't all mine). 

Yeah, most of my pictures are booze related.

But, hey, those Trappists make beer so maybe we're not that alien from each other.


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