We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Well, hopefully, anyway.

I've been an intermittent, at best, blogger over the past few years. I've done many things that I thought worthy of writing posts about and even composed them in my head but couldn't find the energy to put them out in to the ether.

I sort of knew the reason at the time but now I know for sure. Work was bringing me down. Not my actual job, per se, but one soul-sucking project that went on for over two years. It wasn't just my soul, either. I could see the drag it had on a lot of others.

I joked that I wasn't actively looking for a bus to step in front of but I wasn't checking for one before stepping into the street, either.

Yeah, it was that bad.

And, I know it was because we are finally done and I feel reborn. The last major changes went into effect on January 1 and we had some cleanup to do throughout the month but things are now back to what I remember as normal.

This week has been the best week at work that I can remember in literally years. We had the time to research and resolve several outstanding issues. We were able to start planning on some future projects that will actually be fun and have an end in sight. Our annual Company Breakfast Meeting was this morning and the news was positive for the 2012 summary (hey, we're getting bonuses!) and the prognosis for 2013 is good as well.

Life is good and I'm feeling creative again. So, I'm going to catch up on yapping about some of the stuff I should have been writing about in 2012 and getting back to more real time posting of my current anecdotes.

Because, no matter how little soul I have, there are always anecdotes worth writing about.


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