Shatner's World

A while back, one of my Chick Poker friends suggested we go see William Shatner's show at the Mesa Arts Center. I had no idea what he was going to do, say or perform but for only $65 a ticket, how could I say no? It would at least be worth a good story, I was sure.

The show day was the same as the PF Chang's Marathon where we worked a water station on the full marathon route. After literally standing from 6:15 AM to 2:30 PM, I was bushed. I had a solid 90 minutes of sleep then showered and headed to the show. The thought of skipping it was really strong since I was exhausted but I made a commitment so I dragged my sorry butt to MAC.

I'm glad I did! Someone described the show as 90 minutes of an old guy talking about himself. Yep, that summed it up. But, it was damned entertaining.

Shatner came out on a stage that was simply dressed with two chairs with tables (one set on each side of the stage and a big movie screen in back. They slid a rolling office chair out to him after he started and that was his major prop.

They showed clips from Star Trek, Boston Legal, his Celebrity Roast and interviews and stills from his theater days, childhood and adulthood with his family and his horses. All the while, he told stories about growing up, attending college, his early theater days, acting, directing, family and wives. And, a lot about his horses which he raises. Clearly, a rich man's hobby.

He's had a remarkable career and he is quite proud of it. There were a lot of self-accolades in the show but, I guess when you have the material to back it up, it's not quite bragging, right? Nah, it was bragging. Heck, I'd brag, too.

For an 81 year old guy, he's pretty spry and went nonstop for a solid 90 minutes. He even "sang" a song - one that Brad Paisley wrote for him. It was more of a speaking song, thankfully.

Really fun show that brought back a lot of memories.


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