Ratted Out

I logged in to my work email one time while I was in Belize and that was only to send my department an email with two pictures. I chose to show them the body painting done at Carnaval and sent one picture of our group with Kelly McGuire and another of some little kids completely covered in paint.

When I got home and checked my mail, I found this post card:

Kelly and Carnaval

The card was from our CFO who LOVES to take random pictures of people, make them into post cards (that's one of our products) and mail them. He threatened in his note that there are many copies in the world.

Well, there was certainly more than one copy because, when I got back into the office, one of the cards was tacked up on our in/out board. I found another hung up in my cube. Seriously, I expect I'll be seeing them for a while.

On the back of the cards, it says "Work hard, play hard" and lists my work email address. Um, I don't think I'll be mailing them to anyone work related. I did send one to my bestie/Fearless Leader, Jim, in Minnesota.

Oh, and no one will confess that they forwarded the photo to the CFO. He's also now denying all knowledge despite his signature on the card that was mailed to me.


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