A Year In Review One Month At A Time - July 2014

July is always a special month and, an especially busy one. My son and my parents' birthdays and my parents' anniversary provide the basis for a lot of family time. It also seems to be the summer vacation month.

This year, it started out on a very high note. I completed my indentured service in Germany and got home on the 5th. I was on the road on the 6th to go get my new babies. Steven and I drove down to Tucson and the poor little ones cried most of the drive home. They appeared to settle in quickly which was good because I was back on the road again on the 10th.

#terrors from day one
The Parrot Head of Puget Sound have an annual event called Laid Back Attack. My intended traveling companion couldn't make it so I went solo. Fortunately, I knew a lot of people there and the ones I didn't know were very welcoming. It was a quick day tour of Seattle then a lot of time listening to some great Trop Rock music. They also raised $27K for the USO.

Julie and Mike
As an added bonus, I was able to hook up with a friend I've known since high school and his wife for lunch on the water. We haven't seen each other in too many years to count and it was delightful being able to catch up. BTW, Julie's license plate spells Hermione so I feel like we're the same person. :)

My Dad hit a milestone this year with his birthday - 80. How can that even be possible? Steven and I hosted a party and three of his siblings flew in from Wisconsin for the festivities.

Joan, Chuck (my Dad), Bill and Mary
The party was super fun but spending time with everyone was priceless. I consider myself very fortunate that the family I was "given" is made up of a lot of very cool people that I would choose to hang out with even if we weren't related.

July was a good month filled with great memories.


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