A Year In Review One Month At A Time - May 2014

May rocked it. So busy and so fun!

OK, there was one day that I try to avoid every year. My birthday. Seriously, the calendar and math are not my friends. There's just no way that calculation gives my age correctly. It's all I can do to force myself to go out for dinner with the family which is what we did the night before the "big" day.

Family - some by birth and some by choice!
However, this year the actual day was awesome. My friend, Sonja, put together a wine tasting trip to Southern Arizona and members from both the Phoenix and Tucson Parrot Head Club went on it. I even got Steve Pfister to go.

We all met at a hotel and took a chartered bus to the wineries then on to a party that the Tucson club was having that night. I really should have not felt committed to emptying out the bottle of Slivo...

Sonja, Birthday Princess and Steven
Despite the fact that Sonja insisted on mentioning my age all over the place before, during and even after, it was a great celebration. And, hey, presents! I likes me the presents!

Then, it was back to Germany. This was a time where our travel schedule made us stay over a weekend so we went to Berlin. Berlin in a one day whirlwind is exhausting! I would go back and spend a few days on museums alone.

I got to touch the actual Berlin Wall -
without being shot at!
Literally, 12 hours after I got back from Germany I was on the road to PHINS to The West (PTTW) in Laughlin, NV. It's one of my favorite events and pretty much a huge social butterfly reunion.

Shirt has not been completely retired yet.
One of the activities at PTTW was an Ugly Shirt Contest. Jeff, Jello Shot Prince, bribed me into working my mojo to get him to win with the promised reward that he would stop wearing this shirt to every Buffett concert we go to.  I can't remember if he wore it to the October Vegas show or not. :(

The Proroks!
PTTW is really a Parrot Head family reunion. I love seeing people from all across the country and getting to spend time, albeit it briefly, with them. Two of my favorites are Joe and Lorene Prorok from Nebraska. They are truly delightful!

One final highlight for May - I got my Global Express approval! No more waiting in the long customs and TSA lines like the common folk do. Suckas!


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