A Year In Review One Month At A Time - October 2014

October is consistently two things - Jimmy Buffett in Vegas and the beginning of Meeting Of The Minds in Key West, Florida. Anything else is gravy.

I was privileged this year to be allowed to ride up to Vegas on Thursday with the Jello Shot Prince and Scooter. The caveat was that I had to follow their traveling rules and traditions and laugh at all of their jokes. Parts of that was easier than the other. ;)

Taking the traditional coming in to Vegas picture.
I already knew the tradition from above because I've been the recipient of that picture for years via text message. It's not so fun to get when you're still stuck in the office. It was much better being on this end of the shot.

We had dinner at Margaritaville on Thursday then JSP and I worked on our attempt to maximize our weekend Blackjack playing time. The guys went golfing on Friday morning and I ended up back at the Blackjack table but joined by Tracy and Scott as they had arrived from California. So fun!

Friday night was the Last Man Standing Party hosted by the Phin City PHC at Tommy Rocker's. No Jimmy and the Parrots this year, dang it. However, lots of friends from all over were at the party and we went home with lots of prizes.

Not our prizes, mind you, we end up being the sherpas for everyone else since Scooter drives his truck to the party. I've been assured this is not going to happen again this year a my friends are going to control themselves at the auction.

I don't believe it.

Saturday night found us at Buffett at MGM. My cocnert tradition is to take a picture of the set for each song. They do a good job with the images. Tracy and I made a beer and washroom run because of necessity (our beers had been empty for a while!) when I heard Margaritaville and took this picture.

So going to get me into trouble
This is the PERFECT picture to represent Margaritaville for me. I could get drummed out of the whole Parrot Head organization because it's considered the national anthem. It's the song that everyone bar band knows and plays when someone requests Buffett and it's the song that I alway choose to go to the washroom during. I just think I've heard it enough. 

Vegas was great but it was soon time for my favorite event of every year, Meeting Of The Minds. MOTM is the biggest family reunion as up to 3,500 Parrot Heads descend upon Key West, FL for a week of fun, music and day drinking.

It's also time I get to spend with my bestie, Jim. He lives in Minnesota so it's not like we can randomly meet up during the year. 

We roam the island together and drag friends along in our wake. Every year, we try to find a new bar to go to in addition to hitting every one of our "favorites".  We're running out of time to do it all. Maybe we need to add some extra days.

Peppers of Key West is a must-stop
This year, we roomed with a group from Minnesota and it was fun showing them the ropes. We took them to Peppers, convention Goody Bag Stuffing, Rum Barrel and Schooner Wharf Bar. We also pointed them in the direction of our other faves and they found a few new ones all on their own.

Hal and Phred - two of my favorite guys
We also spent time with my favorite band, Jimmy and the Parrots. We first ran in to the gang at Margaritaville on Thursday then caught their show at the Casa Marina (from the front of the stage, of course). Then, it was off to Louie's Backyard and a final late night stop at Mr Z's. That was the night that Jim and I had considered going to bed a little early but, oh well. Where the band goes, I go, so it was also off to the Rum Barrel on Friday afternoon for their show there. 

Man, I love that band.

It's always with a little melancholy that I leave Key West. It's still warm in Phoenix when I get on the plane at Sky Harbor but it's winter when I get back. MOTM week is the transition to our cold weather and I hate cold weather even when it's still 50 degrees and the rest of the country is below freezing. If I have to wear shoes other than sandals, it's too cold. 

Overall, October is a really good month.


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