A Year In Review One Month At A Time - August 2014

Unless I do something stupid like scheduling a trip the weekend before (which I've done, a lot), August is almost always just about Parrot Grande. Parrot Grande is the Arizona Parrot Head Club's main weekend event and fundraiser.

The weeks leading up to Parrot Grande are intense and busy and I feel like I can't be away from my email for more than an hour at a time. This may be surprising unless you know us, but Parrot Heads aren't so good with RSVPs and advance planning and then sticking with actual plans. Lots of changes up to and going into the weekend. Add in to that chaos, the hotel had to take a building of rooms out of service the day before we got there meant a scramble to reassign everyone.

Ultimately, all the stress is worth it because the payoff of fun and charity ($10K to ChildHelp AZ) is great.

This year, I don't know why but I regressed to my old Bob Karwin stalker ways. So far, none of the video I've seen is too embarrassing. It's just the internal shame that I have to worry about.

Just like old times!
I think I was inspired by his declaration that this was the last official 8th Floor Party and, man, it was one for the ages! For the few that don't actually remember the evening, it was a great time!


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