A Year In Review One Month At A Time - January 2014

Facebook rolled out another one of those year end reviews where they pick the pictures. I'm not sure of their algorithm but my pictures were pretty dumb and I had not patience nor desire to edit them. Besides, without the stories, what good are the pictures?

So, without much more ado, I decided to create my own look back at 2014 one month at a time and include some of the tales from the highlights. Hopefully, this makes up for my deplorable lack of consistency in blogging last year. :)

Pretty dang sure my playlist was better...
The Arizona Parrot Head Club worked our traditional water station for the PF Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon. We've been the last stop on the full marathon route for years and the athletes really like us for our energy. They would like us more if we would give them beer but we're not allowed. Sorry.

Our usual DJ was out of town so the event Chair asked me to put together a playlist...the day before the event.  I was up until the wee hours despite having to get up before dawn. Unbeknownst to the Chair or me, the backup DJ had asked Dave to provide the music as well.

So, here's how it went down. I had my 8 hour playlist going and I believe we were all enjoying my combination of Trop Rock, Country and Pop favorites. Then, Dave showed up and, all of a sudden without even a "pardon me", my device was unplugged and he was playing off his computer.

What the hell?!?!

Which is pretty much what I said to Dave but he stood fast and queued up his music for the rest of the day. His rationale was that he was choosing in the moment from his entire song library so he could be spontaneous and therefore provide a more enjoyable listening experience.


To be annoying, and to make a point, I would pop on over on some songs and say, "This was on my playlist, too" or "I have the Jimmy and the Parrots version of that song, do you?".  (He pretty much did and played them, BTW.)

I wasn't subtle at all, either. At one point, Scooter apparently got tired of me and came up to Dave and said, "Can you play anything BUT Jimmy and the Parrots?" He thought he did it loudly enough for me to hear. He's probably lucky that I didn't.

No one jokes about my favorite band and gets away with it!


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