A Year In Review One Month At A Time - November 2014

Looking back at November, I am reminded about how many times I got sick this past year with some sort of viral/flu infection. Dang, maybe it's true as you get older, your body has more trouble fighting off germs. I need to talk to someone about a flu shot alternative to the one with eggs in it. I'm allergic to eggs for those that don't know.

Because, oh yeah, I got sick again in November and had to miss our corporate Holiday party and an Arizona Cardinals game with my friends. Sucks.

The highlight of November, 2014, was the start of the holiday season in my mind. My friend Lori hosts a party for her birthday every year and she makes it a collection for Home Base Youth Services. We all clean out our closets then we drink a lot of wine at Lori's. Or, maybe I'm just the one who drinks a lot of wine.

SmartPractice colleagues (Please note I didn't have a visible beverage)
It's a lovely evening. There are lots of current and former co-workers there and Lori's non-work friends have been very welcoming. I've spent several evenings with her "girls". I feel lucky to be included.

There was also a great party at the end of November for my friend Kathy's birthday. It managed to be a complete surprise to her. For those that don't know, Kathy is one of the O'Malley Babes that I hang out with and Kathy, her sister Mary and I have had many adventures dating back to our days at Coronado High School.

Mary got it set up at a nearby bar and brought in a band, The Bank, that we've been following around the Valley for 30 years. (Yes, since I was 4 or so.) There were friends from high school, the Parrot Head Club, their work, family friends and kids that our no longer legally kids. We had a blast catching up and playing electronic Beer Pong.

So fun and so great knowing I have such great long-time friends!


Lori Forsythe said…
I am honored that our Clean Closets for a Cause to benefit Homebase Youth Shelter and celebrate my birthday ;) Was a highlight on your blog for November! Thanks for the really nice surprise. Here's to a New Year filled with awesome memorable, positive, experiences for all! Enjoy each day!...Lori

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