New Frame Of Memories

I love photos. I love collage frames. I am almost out of wall space in my house for collage frames. :(

The frames that I do have up often stop me in my tracks as I pause to relive the experiences pictured. So fun to see 30 years of my life represented in my home!

My parents bought me this frame a few years ago (yes, years) and I had planned to hang it over the entertainment center but Steven surprised me with a Cubs picture that he hung where this was intended to go.

So, the frame sat unused but, as I was looking through pictures for my 2014 year in review, I was inspired to make some space and fill the frame with pictures that represent great memories.

I managed to hang it in a spot where there's glare no matter what angle you try to look at it.
Clockwise from the top left:
  • My Bestie Jim and me in Belize
  • Scott, Phred and Russ at Last Man Standing in Las Vegas
  • Jason Brown! and me (he likes it when I exclaim his name)
  • Dawnie and her daughter Shelby from Dawnie's birthday weekend in Des Moines
  • Thom and Paula from the same weekend
  • My favorite MOTM volunteers and all around great people, Lorene and Joe at PHINS to the West with me
  • Steven and me in a drunken celebration of pulling off a fantastic 50th Anniversary Party for my parents
  • Crash, Jamie and Zoey at Dawnie's birthday party
  • My favorite bass player, Hal, with Mike Nash and Mark Sacco
  • And, in the center, Thom, Tracy, Crash, me, Scott and Paula at the San Diego Anniversary Party with a bonus photo bomb by Barb
Good times, good times!


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