A Year In Review One Month At A Time - June 2014

This was a rough month and I'm drained just remembering it.

It started with some fun in Amsterdam. That was certainly cool.

Anne Frank House
You MUST tour the Anne Frank house. It's such an important story. Go early, though, as the lines become ginormous as the day goes on.

Amsterdam Canal
Also, do a boat tour. The city is beautiful and they do a good job of giving you a history lesson while you're lounging about. You can bring adult beverages on board, too!

Van Gogh Museum
And, do some of the museums. I had a fantastic three hours at the Van Gogh Museum. But tickets online and reserve your time because the line gets long for that, too. I had an especially proud moment because I navigated a few buses on my own to get there!

None of the switches, knobs or wheels did a darn thing.
Skip the Heineken Experience. They don't actually make beer there anymore and it was just a huge commercial for the brand.Yes, you got some "free" beer at the end but it was Heineken.

After the weekend in Amsterdam, it was back to Hamburg for the go-live of our project. I've tried to black out the ensuing 23 days of soul sucking, physical and mental crushing experiences and focus on the one tiny moment of happiness:

We completed every page of software validation in this binder.
Man, that was a tough project. I was never so happy to get home.


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