A Year In Review One Month At A Time - March 2014

March found my friend Mary having a milestone birthday and the Arizona Parrot Head Club hosting a Mom O'Malley Memorial Poker Tournament where we raised $530 for Hospice of the Valley. Good stuff!

But, the highlight was Germany and the discovery of my most favorite attraction, ever!

We started out trip business trip with a weekend in Frankfurt. It's OK but so much of it is rebuilt after WWII that it doesn't feel  historical like I expect Europe to feel. We did the usual tourist stuff - took a bus tour, roamed across the river, rode the subway, had some Apfelwein and came away with a "been there, done that, don't need to go back" attitude.

But, then we got to Hamburg and I talked my colleagues into going somewhere after work one night and found my nirvana. You can have your Disney adventures, I will happily go back again and again to Miniatur Wunderland!

This is their version of Las Vegas
Why is this my nirvana? Well, besides the intricate models and dioramas that I could stare at for hours, it also had buttons. Buttons I was actually encouraged to press! (Unlike the time we toured a Soviet submarine and my button pushing was not only discouraged but instilled some fear as to what it would actually do. I didn't blow you up, Long Beach, you're welcome!)

Buttons, glorious buttons!
I have no idea what any of the buttons do because the descriptions are in German but I tried to push every one that wasn't already lit up. They move cars and trains, light up buildings, play music, make characters dance...I don't know all of it yet because I ran out of time to touch each one. Even after a second trip back with some other colleagues, I haven't gotten to them all.

Must. Go. Back.


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