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My friend Crash got offered pre-sale tickets to the Pro Bowl which was held here in Glendale this year. Since we can't afford to go to the Super Bowl and it's not like we would ever travel to the Pro Bowl somewhere else, we decided to get tickets and take our sons to the game. Her son, Matt, was celebrating his birthday on game day and I gave Steven his ticket for a Christmas present.

We met up early at McFadden's in Westgate. Spoiler alert - this was the best part of the day. Our friend, Gloria, flew out from Atlanta to go to the game with Pabla and Jello Shot Prince was there with his two Cardinal game tailgate buddies. Chris was supposed to join us as well but being late to the party (as is his wont) got him denied entrance to the bar because of alleged fire marshall concerns.

Gloria and Pabla headed out to meet up with some other folks then Crash, Matt and Steven started over to the stadium. I stayed behind with JSP and his buddies for another pregame beer(s). I still managed to make it to the seats before the rest of my gang.

Because we didn't want to spend a gazillion dollars, our seats were rather high up. Not bad but spotting my players was a little like looking for the queen in a bee hive - where's the dot? In this case, the dot was the beautiful yellow of a Green Bay helmet.

They're down there somewhere.
Here's where the bust comes in. Everyone knows this isn't that serious of a game. The players going to the Super Bowl don't play. A lot of the really good players beg off due to injuries (Aaron Rodgers, for example) and I suspect some just find an excuse to start the post season by spending time with their families.

So, it's kind of a big, albeit talented, pickup game. I'd be down with that but I need someone to root for to make it interesting.

Dear NFL - Your experiment to generate more interest in the game is a failure. I don't give a rats arse about Chris Carter or Michael Irvin and therefore care not a whit for "their" teams to win. NFC versus AFC. That, I care about.

Seriously, who am I supposed to care about more on a single play - Clay Matthews on defense or Jordy Nelson on offense? That's a complete Sophie's Choice for me and it was like that the full first half. Coupled with the lack of super sharp play and it led to the fact that we only stayed for the first half.

The four of us left and went back to McFadden's for a bite before heading home. We actually lasted longer than JSP's crew. They were out before the half.

At least we got home at a reasonable time.

Do I regret going? No. It was an overall reasonably priced experience but not one that I'll ever do again. Unless it's back in the Phoenix area and the format is changed, then maybe.

And, I got something to bitch about out of it which always makes me happy. ;)


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