Anyone Have a Cure for Hypochondria?

I'm an admitted hypochondriac. It makes it hard sometimes to know if I'm really sick or just convinced myself that I am.

My nose started running at lunch today. This afternoon, I started sneezing and now I think I have a fever.

At least my forehead feels warm. And, it's felt warm the 20 times I've felt it in the past hour. I don't have a thermometer to check it, though, so it could just be that my hands are cold.

Add that up with the fact that I've spent some time this week with someone who has a cold (no exchange of bodily fluids of any sort though) and I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with something.

Of course, I have a fully booked weekend coming up so the drama queen in me is already stressing over what I may miss if I'm really sick.

My throat's starting to feel scratchy now, too.

Sigh. I make it not easy to be me, sometimes.

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