Book Review - The Girls

I find a lot of my reading material by browsing Amazon's top 100 list. I open two IE windows so I can go back and forth between Amazon and the library system so I can request holds as I gander. Works pretty slick for me.

I saw The Girls by Lori Lansen a few weeks ago and was almost intrigued enough to read it. It's the story of conjoined twins, Ruby and Rose. They're joined at the head but have distinctive minds and bodies. The story is told by each woman as they're writing their autobiographies as they approach their 30th birthdays.

I said I was almost intrigued enough to read it but I passed. It seemed a little too Oprah book like for me. However, this month's book club hostess picked it for us to read and I'm glad she did as it was very good.

The two voices of the twins were distinct and the author did a great job of dropping little bombshells the were explained later as she switched back and forth between each woman. That technique really sucked you into the story. The characters were well defined and humanly fallible. I got a little teary-eyed near the end but it wasn't overwhelmingly cloying or emotional.

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