Cow Goes to Utah

Hi there, my name is Cow and Kathy's letting me do a guest post on her blog. She's a giver, you know. As you can see from my pictures, I'm from Iowa. Kathy and I met in the Des Moines airport at the beginning of July when she was on her Midwest Tour (I'm sure she'll post about that any day now).

I'm not proud to admit it, but I was homeless then and living in a gift shop. It was no life for a cow, believe me. Kathy told me she knew someone who would give me shelter and would treat me well so I went to Arizona with her and waited patiently to get to my new, final home.

Here's my story in pictures...

Hanging on Kathy's couch the night before we left for Utah.

It was a short flight but I was beat from the excitement so I took a rest on Gary's chair.

Gary took us to his "club" in Ogden which is some strange Utah thing where you have to be member to get a drink. We didn't have anything like that in Iowa - there's beer aplenty there!

I really like Miller Lite - it's from Wisconsin which is the Dairy State and I have lots of relatives there. Kathy likes Miller Lite, too. She can really drink a lot of it. Maybe she has four stomachs like I do?

This is Kelly who works the bar at The Horse, Gary's club. She's good! She kept our drinks flowing the whole night.

It was Karaoke night at The Horse. I thought about doing a Buffett tune but I'm too shy. Some of the folks who sang there should have been shy, too. I'm just saying.

Here are some of my new friends. I met lots and lots of people at The Horse. They were all very nice to an out of town visitor like me. Kathy met even more people than I did but she's a butterfly, not a cow.

I'm not sure what was in this but it sure was tasty!

Here I am with Lori and Gil. Kathy and Gary said they're good friends with my future roommate so I was glad to meet them.

It's actually a great call!

I really enjoyed this article on Operation Flip Flop. It was good press for the Wasatch Mountain PHC and Paige looked lovely in the picture. I sure wish I could have met her.

I admit it, I'm a sheet hog but don't tell anyone at the Cow Union about that. They don't like when we act like other farm animals.

Safety first! We were off to Salt Lake City and Kathy made me put a seat belt on. She's such a rule follower...when she wants to be. When she doesn't, she says they're more like guidelines.

This is how I got around most of the weekend - riding in Kathy's purse. Sometimes, she just zipped me in and it was dark and she didn't even have her shuffle in there for me to listen to.

We got this hat but it was too big for me. Gary gave it to Finnegan. I'm not sure why but it seems like Finnegan gets lots of stuff from people. Even more than Kathy does and she's a Princess. I wish I knew what his secret is.

Kathy finally let me ride up front but I had to promise to grab on to something in case of an emergency. I said I would but I lied because I don't have opposable thumbs so I can't grab anything! I liked seeing the sites while we drove. The Wasatch Mountains are beautiful.

It's just an instinctive thing and I'm sure I'm overreacting but Monkey Boy scares me.

Pepper gave me a ride. A really short one then she dumped me on the ground. I wonder if she's part horse? Cuz horses are mean like that.

Paige and I were worn out from partying so we took a little nap. Kathy told me my new roommate does that a lot at parties so we'll have that in common.

Troy and I were one with the Tao.

On Sunday morning, Gary took me and Kathy on a ride through a canyon to Park City. It was really pretty and we saw all kinds of my fellow animals. There were llamas, cows (some of them looked just like me!), horses and even a porcupine (though he was dead and lying in the middle of the road - that's sad). Finnegan had promised Kathy she would see sheeps and we didn't for the longest time. I was worried she was going to punch him in the head over it but we finally saw a whole bunch of them right at the end of our trip.

I got to ride with Finnegan to dinner. I'm just a cow and all but, I expected a professional truck driver could successfully shift gears in his own car. I was wrong.

This was where we stopped for dinner. I heard Kathy order a burger and I was horrified until she said it was a Buffalo burger. That's OK.

I got to meet a real live musician! His name is Kelly McGuire and my Mom taught me not to let strangers touch me where he did but I have to admit I liked it! Does that make me a bad Cow?

I got to hang with Charlotte and Lewie, too. Everyone seems sad to see Lewie go off to Iraq for a year but they're all really proud of him at the same time.

OK, I have to be honest and tell you that my first impression of my new roommate, Rhett, wasn't the most positive. I know cows emit a lot of methane but, whew, this guy almost cleared the room. He seemed really peaceful though and he was easy to move to the couch after he started napping.

I wasn't sure if Rhett really wanted a roommate but I badly needed a new home so I snuck into his bag. I can't wait to hang out with him - I have a feeling that this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

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