House Concert - Big Wide Grin

I went to a great house concert last night. The band was Big Wide Grin and I had no idea what they were going to be like before the show started. Their stuff was a blend of folk/gospel/alt country. At least, that's how I describe it. The three members were all very talented and they really appeared to enjoy each other and performing. I love it when the band is into a show and not just phoning it in.

Karl Werne plays a mean guitar. He did some absolutely amazing picking and also provided some smooth vocals. He's also got some serious rock star hair going on.

Elaine Dempsey brought a Bonnie Raitt type vocal to the show and played an acoustic base that sounded wonderful. She offered to let me play it but I declined since the only musical instrument I can play is the Vibra-Slap. I have to admit, though, that I'm tempted to go check one of those instruments out.

L.E. Lambert (Lawrence) was phenomenal. The phrase "voice like an angel" is overused but it's exactly what came to mind when he started singing. His voice is incredibly smooth, clear and goes straight to the heart.

I really liked Ready to Fly which was inspired by a geriatric patient who was always dressed up because she was getting ready for a trip despite having no chance of leaving the home she was in on her own. (That was a pretty wordy description to say she was getting ready for the journey after death.) They did a version of Don't Laugh at Me which I thought was better than the Mark Wills version still getting play on the country stations. They also did a couple of songs about race discrimination and a couple sweet love songs.

I bought both of their CDs and I anticipate they'll be in my car CD player for a while.

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