Concert Review - Dave Matthews Band

I have a friend at work who's been telling me for years that I need to see DMB. He's also a Parrot Head so I respect his opinion. Another friend chimed in with his encouragement so I said I would go this year when the group hit town.

One issue - I only knew three DMB songs. My friend burned me a CD with a few more songs (I know, it's wrong but I bent the rules) so I would know a few more before the show.

I invited the Rocket Scientist (new character to my stories, we'll see if he sticks around) to go with me and he knew DMB even less than I did. So, we were two fish out water. I had two thoughts during the evening. One, that we had entered a foreign country where everyone but us knew the language and the customs. The other thought was that our experience must be what it's like for Buffett virgins to go to a show.

Everyone, but us, recognized the songs from one chord or less. Sometimes, it was just a matter of what instrument Dave was getting ready to play. The pre-concert tail gate with our group was consumed with questions like, what's the set list going to be, what will be the encore songs, what's your favorite venue that you've seen him at, etc, etc. A lot like a Buffett show.

Everyone, but us, had been to bunches of shows, too. After we got to our seats (which were away from our tailgate group) we talked to some people. One guy had come out from Philly and told us all the shows he'd seen on this tour. He asked us what we've seen and looked pretty shocked when we said it was our first show.

Despite not knowing the songs, I thought the show was great. The Rocket Scientist liked it, too.

Everyone in the band really looked like they absolutely loved what they were doing and they are all fantastic musicians. Fantastic musicians who played a lot of extended songs. Really extended. I haven't seen that many long solos since I caught Eric Clapton.

The set was awesome. Lots of big displays of the guys playing, lots of cool graphics and lots of nifty lighting.

The only drawback was the venue. We were at Cricket Pavilion which is outside. Our seats were under an overhang and on slanted concrete. There are big fans overhead but they turned them off when the show started. Why? No idea. But, it made for a stifling hot evening. Also, standing the whole time on that angle really kills your feet. I tried to shift around but the balls of me feet were way sore by the end of the night.

I also got a little naseous from the combination of the heat, still air and flashing lights. With each song of the encore, I thought I was going to have to bail on the Rocket Scientist and head to clear air but toughed it out. Of course, with my luck, they did a 5 song encore which was longer than anyone had seen them do before. Thanks!

Funny thing, after we got out to the parking lot, got a cold drink and hung for a while to let traffic clear, I was actually cold. I must have a very small temperature threshold.

I would definitely see DMB again but I need to get some of their CDs first. My friend offered to burn me some copies but I gave him the "music piracy is evil" speech so he's going to give a list of what order I should make my purchases in instead.

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