Happy Anniversary To Me!

Today marks 9 years with my current employer. There are times when I feel like it can't possibly be that long but, most of the time, it feels like I've spent an eon there.

It must not be too bad, though, because I last updated my resume 9 ½ years ago. One of my work buds and I did set a goal to update our resumes…that was in 2005, I think. Neither one of us has done it. Mostly because it's going to be too hard to put everything we do down in a nicely ordered document.

Here's the list of my official titles, so far:

Project Manager
Project Manager/Help Desk Supervisor
Project Manager
Database Administrator/Project Manager
IT Manager – Business Support

What those titles don't show is the other stuff. For example, I've been programming from nearly the beginning of my tenure until…well, this week, actually. I also still do Database Admin work and Project Management. Oh, and the Help Desk is back under my control again. I've also been on call 24-7 for not only my stuff but I'm the back up for half of the other people in the department. Then there's the training and team building and budgeting and financial analysis and data management…

Just thinking about it all makes me tired. Just thinking about organizing it into a pretty resume makes me want to go have a beer.

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