Concert Review - Mulligan, Mulligan and Burns

I'd been looking forward to last Wednesday's acoustic show with D. Mulligan, Mark Mulligan and Brent Burns for a long time. They're three of my favorite independent musicians and I love their stuff. It was well worth the wait, though.

The venue, Fiddler's Dreams is an interesting choice for our crowd. It's a no smoking, no alcohol facility attached to a Quaker meeting hall. They do strictly acoustic music and it seats only about 50 people. (Of the 50 people there, I think I knew almost 40 so I was in prime Butterfly mode.)

Since there's no alcohol, nearly all of the 50 people who were at the show headed over to a nearby bar/restaurant right after the 2+ hour performance. Very quickly headed over.

Dave started out the show with three songs from his CD. While he didn't do my favorite, Collapsible Plans, he did perform my second favorite, Don't Wake Up. Looking back to my review of his CD, I see that I've flip flopped my top two. I guess I like the darker, dying stuff more than the breaking up stuff over the long run.

Mark and Brent were up next and took turns telling stories and playing songs. I've said it before and will no doubt say it again but Brent Burns is very, very funny. He's got a great delivery and I've never seen his equal in mentioning his CDs for sales so many times and it not getting old.

Everyone knows I adore Mark so they expect me to say good stuff and I told him I wouldn't mention that he forgot the words to one of his songs…oopsie, I just did. Honestly, it's impressive how many tunes and lyrics the guy has in his noodle. Even Brent remarked on the fact. Mark played a new song for us that he'd just finished writing the night before at a stop light. I wish I were so prolific.

Dave came over to give me a hug on the break and we agreed to chat later at the bar. I scored some major cool points with my gang with that hug. Nothing like having a cute boy in his 20s seek you out to help boost your Mrs. Robinson image. I told him to take notes on shilling CDs and announcing show dates from Mark and Brent because they both do quite well on that.

Most of the gang headed over to the bar where I finally quenched my thirst with a few Miller Lites. Some of my group had met for dinner and cocktails first but I got stuck at the office until the very last minute so I had some minor catching up to do. Dave, Mark and Brent circled through the crowd and talked to everyone (I think I got more than my fair share of Dave minutes which made me happy) and I had a chance to chat with most of my peeps that I'd only been able to wave to at the show since I got there right before it started.

All in all, a super night and I wish we could do it more often.

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